ANST - Re:ANST- new to the sca

M Stockton m_j_stockton at
Tue Mar 10 08:47:57 PST 1998

 greetings all,
 	i bid you all tidings, good cheer, and much luck in the upcoming war! 
as the subject says, im sort of new to all this. sadly though i will 
miss the war. im in paris, france at the moment but when im done here i 
will be moving to san marcos. i'm writing today in hopes of getting a 
couple questions answered. 1) i've been training at the art of fencing 
for many years, but i have never fenced in the sca. do i need a 
schlager(sp?) blade or is an extra wide epee ok? 2) other than a mask 
and gauntlets, what other protective gear is essential? 3) i understand 
there is a shire in san marcos. do they have fighter practice there or 
would i have to go to austin? i thank you in advance for any questions 
that can be answered. thank you and good luck warriors!



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