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Tue Mar 10 08:16:30 PST 1998

On 3-10, Steafan wrote:

AN>All this talk about period breeds of hounds has got me curious - what about
AN>smaller dogs and other pets for those of us whose manor house is part of Pla
AN>E, Building J on the complex map?

AN>Steafan, caretaker of Sasha the Innocent, 1998 Prozac Poster

For the Mediterranean types, Italian Greyhounds and Maltese have
been around since the Romans.  Bichon Frise, means "curly lapdog",
are pre-12th cent. Canary Islands, and there are the several English
toy spaniels, King Charles,etc.  From the Orient, the Pekingese, Pugs,
Shi Tzus and other like breeds are all suited for confined living
spaces.  You should have no trouble at all finding a fun companion for a

small house or apartment.

Good luck, ;-)
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