Leanan fairee at
Wed Mar 11 19:48:57 PST 1998

Members only? I think not...I am currently not a member and this is my only
access to certain imformation and the like on Ansteorra or certain issues
within the kingdom.  And to restrict it to "Members Only" would be to say
that just because I didn't pay money *I* would not be allowed.  Doesn't
seem that grand of an idea to me.  Lea

>Wouldn't it be easier just to close the list, so only members can send to
>it? IIRC, all major listserver software has this setting.
>And, of course, "route add net <spammernetblock> lo" has it's uses, as well.
>Just my 2 cents' worth.
>Go to to perform mailing list tasks.
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Go to to perform mailing list tasks.

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