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Thu Mar 12 04:16:54 PST 1998

Nathan W. Jones said something that sounded like:
> Oh dear, oh dear...I have a hunch that Pug will address this, but jut in case...

Thank you for quickly letting people know!

> My dear lady, what was suggested was not restricting the list to
> members of the SCA, but selecting an option in the majordomo program
> that only lets people who are subscribed to the list, post to the list.

This would be exactly the case *if* it happens. Anyone could subscribe
to the list, but only those on the list could post. I definately would
never close it down to paid members of the SCA. This is an open list
until you prove to be too much of a bonehead. (Which no one has yet for
me to remove them.)

Btw, for the short term, the mailing list software has had some new
filters added to it. They now send to the list admin for approval if the
message subject contains "MONEY" or 3 $'s. As well, if the message body
contains "REMOVE" in the first 10 lines. Although I know this won't
catch all SPAM, it does catch a lot of it. As well, it has already
caught a couple of the people replying to the SPAM that was sent.
I'll work on more reliable filters as time goes on.


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