ANST - Russia

LYONESSE tym3425 at
Thu Mar 12 15:58:26 PST 1998

Greetings to all in Ansteorra...

In June I will be leaving our fair kingdom for the far northern reaches of 
Russia, to spend an academic year in  St Petersburg. As there is a budding 
SCA group in that fair city, I was hoping somone would have their contact 
info, and also to see if there was anything like armor patterns, and other 
such lightweight essentials I could carry to them when I go.  I hope to be 
an emmisary of my Kingdom as well as my Clan when I go. Please e-mail me if 
you have any info on that group, or some idea on what I can take to them.

In Service,
Anastacia Kurakina of Clan Firefall

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