ANST - A true Knight, and a Lion

Rollie Reid carcassonnais at
Thu Mar 12 19:35:37 PST 1998

My first encounter with Sir Ricardo was at the first Bordermarch 
Melees I ever attended.  I was living in Raven's Fort at the time.  I 
had been fighting less than six months, and during the melees I found 
myself confronted with a knight, who threw his hand up, and then hit 
me on the leg.

A few months later I moved to Bryn Gwlad and Ricardo got many more 
chances to give me bruises.  But he gave me much more than bruises. 
 Sir Ricardo was one of the first knights I knew well.  His example 
helped to define knighthood for me.  His prowess on the field, his 
flamboyance, they became part of my concept of knighthood, and they 
gave me the desire to be knight.

On my knighting scroll, there are four knights surrounding the image 
of the king knighting me.  Each of the four offers up a symbol of 
knighthood, a sword, a white belt, spurs and a chain.  Each of those 
knights wears the colors of a knight who greatly influenced me.  One 
of those knights wears red and white in honor of Sir Ricardo.

The next belted circle I attend will feel smaller.


lucetis sicut luminaria in mundo
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