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Mon Mar 16 10:18:46 PST 1998

>It is always a tragedy to lose a Lion, as they are all very exceptional 
>people.  After being regaled by Pendaran with stories about Ragnar, I 
>have been thinking that perhaps a tome of the Adventures of the Lions 

This reminds me, after Ragnar's passing, it was talked about getting
together to plant a
"Ragnar tree" at the site of Lyonesse, and while I would not have bee
comfortable at the 
ceremony, I definately wanted to pay my respects to the tree privately.

a. Was this ever done, if not, what can I do to help it along?

b. What about a Ricardo tree as well, starting a "Grove of rememberance" for
Lions passed,
        while I don't want to think about adding any more trees I think this
is a
        very moving idea to be able to goto a place and sit beside them
again and 
        remember them, and in a way be with them.

I'm very serious about this, and anyone else knows anything, I'd be very
interested in hearing about it.


p.s. Does anyone have new about services for Ricardo?
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