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Mon Mar 16 13:18:11 PST 1998

I saw the earlier mention of Gulf Wars war points.  Let it be noted that the
Arts and Sciences caused the war to be a TRUE tie, not just a tie due to the
treaty.  The A&S was split evenly between Ansteorra and Trimaris.

I and my Trimaran counterpart judged the final item, an icon of King David
composing the Psalms, and our score tied it up.  I am most happy I had no idea
of what the point totals had been before judging that item, since I knew very
well that the icon was Ansteorran, and I might have been tempted to skew the
scoring a point to ensure victory.  It's better that we were honest and
assigned the score that we believed in!

- Vivat to the magnnificent Ansteorran artisans that graced the War with the
work of their hands and hearts!

- Vivat to the Trimaran artisans who likewise showed their art!

- And Vivat to all the Laurels and apprentices on both sides who gave up a
couple of hours on Saturday afternoon to make the A&S judging happen!

Waes thu hael!


P.S. -- if you have any questions about comments received in the Gulf Wars
judging, please contact the judges who commented.  Not everyone thought to put
down contact info, but Master Giuseppe will be able to get contact info for
us.  To reach Master Giuseppe, contact him at the address below:

Messer Giuseppe da Borgia
(mka) Joe Cook
6202 N. Sheldon Road, #611
Tampa, FL 33615
(813) 249-2250
email: JOE at

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