ANST - Final charge in ressurection battle

Jerry Dreifuerst morganson at
Mon Mar 16 14:53:34 PST 1998

To the 30 valiant fighters,

Othar here,

For those who I did not get to see after the battle, and those who gave 
of themselves in that charge,

THANK YOU! (said loudly, and proudly)

You made it.  The charge though the enemy line succeeded, the middle 
banner was ours.  You did your jobs well.

I know it was difficult to stay in formation while the other fighters 
got to get another round of dying in, but your patience paid off.  
Should you be able to pass this thanks on to your partner or another 
member of the charge, please do.

With great pride in my heart, I thank you again,

Jerry Dreifuerst            SCA: Othar Morganson
Houston, Texas                   Stargate, Ansteorra
jerryd at               morganson at

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