ANST - A Good War (fwd)

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Wed Mar 18 09:34:25 PST 1998

>From TRM Stromek and Alianore, King and Queen of Trimaris
Unto TRM Jean-Richard and Gladwyn, King and Queen of Ansteorra and Unto
   the people of Ansteorra

To Our sometimes foes and oft-times friends of the great Kingdom of

We greet you with good heart and thank you for a fine war.  Tired as Our
people are from their journey - the enthusiasm for next years war is
already beginning.  It is the hope of the collective Crowns that Gulf Wars
will continue to grow and prosper and yet still retain the "fun" factor of
which so many Trimarians and Ansteorrans and Meridians speak.  

Know too, good people of Ansteorra, that We grieve with you for the loss
of your Sir Riccardo.  In truth, both our Kingdoms - nay - our Society has
recently lost some very good and dear folk.  It is for the bards and the
storytellers to keep the memory of these gentles with us. The new
generations need to hear of the Riccardos and Blackfoxs, the
Blounds and Yosefs, the Jafars and all, they need to hear and to learn of 
those who have been such an important part of our history. 

Lastly, We wish Ansteorra well and look forward to seeing the old
friends and the new "same time, next year." 


	In Service to Trimaris and the Dream,

	Stromek Rex	Alianore Regina

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