ANST - Reflections of the ressurection battle

Maleah Farasha Raushana bint Abdullah maleah at
Wed Mar 18 22:16:05 PST 1998

In my humble opinion it is occaisions such as this that breath the life
into our dream. If one person walks away saying "It was so real, you
could feel the heart beat and touch the past we have succeeded well.
	Wish I could have been there.

Again Count Sir Simon, I thank you for one of my moments,
Hasheika Maleah

Baronman wrote:
>   Being old and decreped and knowing that the terrain of the gulley in which
> the ressurection battle was held would tear my knees apart, I felt that I
> could do more good by standing on the upper enbankments and cheer our fighters
> on to victory.  What I saw from that enbankment was awesome-
>   Ansteorra was badly out numbered but that didn't matter to our fighters.
> Our army strung the Trimaris army out from one bank of the gulley to the
> other. Where their lines were two or three deep, we faced them with a single
> line of warriors.  At the bottom of the gulley the Trimarians were five to
> seven deep, their best kept around the Meridian  banner,  so hotly fought
> over.  Wave after wave of Antsteorran fighters swept into the middle only to
> be killed or shoved back.  The left line of our fighters held the line of
> Trimarians to a stand still and effectively neutralized their army on that
> side.  The right line of our fighters kept battling their flank and
> unbelievably slowly started to turn them and force them back to their own
> standard.
>   Watching from the hill, I heard several Trimarian onlookers state that the
> middle banner was safe and definetly theirs for the remainder of the battle.
> I told them that the battle wasn't over yet.  When our wonderful and gallent
> lads made their final push and surrounded the contested banner, and the right
> line of Trimarians were being pushed back to their own banner, my fellow
> onlookers comments were, " Oh my God, how did they do that?"  If only the
> battle could have ended then and there.  But the swarm of overwhelming
> resistence had taken it's toil and it was impossible to hold that middle
> banner for long.  Eventually, having no reserve to re-enforce the fighters
> holding the middle banner, it eventually fell back into the hands of the
> Trimarians.  Our right flank still kept pushing their army back and could have
> taken the Trimarian banner but ran out of time.
>   After the battle, not one of our fighters had a dry tunic on.
>   After the battle , not one of our fighters had a frown on their face.
>   After the battle , not one of our fighters had sorrow in their hearts.
>   After the battle , all the Trimarians knew what Anterorran fighters can do.
>   After the battle , I stood on the hill side and felt pride in being
> Ansteorran.
>   After the battle, I know I had seen a miracle happen.
> I never saw any tempers flair, any bad words between fighters, or any
> excessive blows.
> Both sides fought extremely well and both sides can be proud in their warriors
> in this resurrection battle.
>   To all who fought, both Trimaris, Ansteorra and the allies- VIVAT
> Opinions of a bystander
> Baron Bors of Lothian, Baron Loch Sollier
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