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<< He said that at the hospital  when they asked he how he had done 
 this, he told them he did it going over a castle wall.  They replied 
 that,"You must be one of those SCA people, we've had a bunch of them in 
 here."   Too bad. >>

I too had to make a detour to the hospital while at Gulf Wars, and when my
family ( me, Goth, my 6yo and my 2yo) walked in fully garbed, they recognized
us for those "Society of something or, what is it?" people right away

I'm glad they knew because my children were both *very* period (ie covered in
dirt!), I guess we all provided them with a little entertaiment. :)

On a more serious note, I have to say that Morgan recieved very good treatment
at the hospital. We thought she was having problems with her asthma, but it
turned out to be tree pollen and dust. They took a look at her for free, when
they could have racked up breathing treatments and x-rays and the whole lot.
If there were, indeed, a "bunch" of us, perhaps some official could send
thanks. I think it's always good to have the hospital happy to see you!

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