ANST - Crown Thanks

Tim Lozos dentim at
Sun Mar 29 20:24:36 PST 1998


First off, congrats to Their Highnesses! It was a Well fought, honorable

Thanks to everyone who came to Raven's fort this weekend. We were shocked to
have a total of 508 gentles attend the event. This is a new record for
Raven's fort, and far above our guestimate of 400.  *Yippie!* Everyone seemd
to have a great time and many people who had not been to the Stones in a few
years were pleasantly suprised with our site.  I wish to apologize for the
lack of portocans. The 25% increase in attendance streched the capacity a
bit. We will make sure this problem does not happen in any of our future
events. If anyone had any other problems or concerns, please contact me so
that we can make our coming events even better.

Crown was a great example of what stout Ansteorrans can do when they pull
together!  THANKS Y'ALL!  VIVAT!!!!!

ps: *shamless plug*  Quest for Clover is only 3 weeks away!


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