ANST - Crown

jhartel jhartel at
Sun Mar 29 16:17:04 PST 1998

Greetings from Ansteorrans who have been placed in the Mid-Realm at the
whim of the Great Continental Land Army!

 First off, congrats to Their Highnesses! We have heard the fighting was
superb. Looking forward to seeing them on the throne at Pensic.

 As for fighting, on the same day as Crown Tourney, Eldred and I
attended a baronial championship here in the Mid-Realm.  Eldred won the
tourney and is now the Baronial Heavy Champion of the Barony of
Andelcrag (all of Michigan west of Lansing).  

Just had to brag on my lord!

Missing home very much,
Moriel (Anstoerran by heart, Mid-Realmer by location...)
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