ANST - Re: ansteorra V1 #2127

Carolyn Smith Pennington mara_of_rede at
Tue Dec 7 21:07:02 PST 1999

Einarr Thorbjarnnson said
"And Mara of Rede herself has always been an
inspiration with
bardic skills and her enthusiasm for this game we all
love.  Both her
William Palfrey are working as feastocrats for this
year's Dragonsfire
Yule revel.  Vivats to both of them for their work. 
William has always

impressed me with his energy and good spirits."

Thank you, Milord! You are very kind! And Lord William
Palfrey is one of the finest gentlemen I know, is one
of my oldest friends in this game, and has served as
my inspiration and example many times.

HL Mara of Rede

"Better a good run than a bad stand."
James Keelaghan
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