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Sun Dec 12 19:28:54 PST 1999

Unto the People of Ansteorra does HRH Alaric send Greetings,

Just a quick note of regarding the wonderful Yule Revel held in Wiesenfeuer 

Congratulations go to:

1.  The newest White Scarf in Ansteorra, Don Alexander Peregrine!

2.  The announcement of the knighting of Centurion Asoff Hartz!  Give the 
choice of            day for his elevation, he chose Northern Regional 
Tribute (in February).  I am proud to say that the honor of inducting him 
into the Chivalry will fall to myself and HRH  Kayleigh.  

3.  The victor in the kingdom Eisteddfod was Master Ulf.  If he inpires Our 
kingdom half as brilliantly as he inspired the judges, we are in for an 
incredible year!  Vivat Master Ulf, Premier Bard of Ansteorra!!

4.  Lord Joachim of the Steppes was summarily and officially banished from 
the Royal Presence for the next week.  This was done for his perpetration of 
such heinous acts as "spitting in private", etc...(per His Majesty during 
court).  Although he could not be reached for comment afterwards, one source 
relayed his feelings regarding his banishment as, "Took 'em long enough!".  
Congratulations Joachim!!

5.  All of the people who recieved various other awards during court.  I 
apologize for not being able to relay all of their names.

Just a quick update,

HRH Alaric Drake
Princeps Ansteorrae
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