ANST - Stargate Yule and Princess Tea

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Sun Dec 12 20:24:47 PST 1999

Greetings unto the Grand People of Ansteorra!

First of all I would like to thank the Barony of Stargate for their wonderful 
hospitality  that they showed me and my entourage. Michael and Neassa you are 
wonderful people, and Stephan you are wonderful herald. The hall and 
especially beautiful and the tables where a site to see.  The tea area was 
also decorated in the most lavish style and the food prepared was its equal.  

I would like to thank a number of people who worked on the tea.... Niccola de 
Seta, HL Beatrix d'Angouleme, Lady Simone, Lord Iago, Lord Ansgar, HE 
Adelecia, Lady Caitlin, HL Annes, Jennifer Toland, Lady Seren, Lord Elyas, 
Mistress Kaitlyn and all those who helped decorate (forgive me -- I don't 
know all your names).  Also thank you to everyone who came to the tea -- a 
one time we had about 30+ people engaged in the conversation.

In addition to the above a Vivat to the feast cooks -- Lady Suzanne and Lord 
Gerald.  I would rank this feast with one of the best I have had the 
opportunity to eat in the SCA.  Lastly, a thank you to Widow Elspet and 
Roberto Gianni who opened their home for the weekend.

It is events like this that reminds one why they play the game.  Vivat 
Stargate!  Vivat Ansteorra!

Learning to serve the dream and Ansteorra,

HRH Kayleigh Drake

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