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Bob Dewart gilli at
Wed Dec 22 15:03:50 PST 1999

Greetings and Hi There,

My computer feels much better now.  Norton 6.0 caught the little worm.  And
is now like a watch dog at my door.

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>>From: Pug Bainter <pug at>
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>>Anne MacDonnald (sabella3 at said something that sounded like:
>> > who are you and what the hel is this?
>>Well I know I'm confused since that message does not appear in the
>>archives for the list.
>Pug, the question she had was for a link on the list.  It was a virus.
>I gave her that info when it came out and hopefully not many people got
>infected. (but I know some did) as I have received the virus more than once
>from several people.

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