ANST-Announce - Christians in the SCA

Thaya Shaeffer thayas at
Wed Dec 22 20:00:00 PST 1999

I am interested in an exchange of communications with my fellow Christians
in the SCA.  
This is in no way an implication that people have to be Christians to be in
the SCA; 
nor that the SCA should acknowledge any one form of belief over any other; 
nor am I trying to imply that a person should or should not be a Christian; 
nor am I saying that I do not want to communicate with people who do not
happen to share my personnel religious views.  I am simply using this
bandwidth to reach players in the SCA who, in their mundane life, are
actively following a Christian path of study and enlightenment
independently of or in addition to their personal participation in the SCA.
  If you personally follow a different path of religious belief (for want
of a better term) then Well Met say I and health and happiness to you and
your loved ones, you can delete this message now.

For all Christian participants of the SCA, interested in joining a separate
bulletin board (in addition to any others you frequent) with people who
share your interest in the SCA and your faith, please come join me at
(not a hot link you will need to go there manually)

This is a new list-group which is completely separate from any other SCA
list-group.  Just as other specialized list-groups or guilds in the SCA
have a more narrow focus on a particular interest or aspect, (Brewers
Guild, Musicians Guild, Needle-workers Guild), "SCA4Yashua" will be geared
towards SCA people who follow a religious path of Christianity.  This has
nothing to do with the Society for Creative Anachronism as a group, nor is
it part of any Kingdom list-group.  This is a bulletin board started by me,
an individual, to confer with others of my personal faith who also just
happen to share my hobby.  Let me also state that I have created this
list-group completely independently so if I have offended any of you, which
I emphatically did not mean to do, let it be my personal faux paw alone.
Please forward this message far and wide to all SCA friends who might be
interested.  It is open to any follower of Christ Jesus, (or anyone
interested in Christian oriented issues and study), regardless of
denomination or sect.  But please do not edit my words as I wish to take
sole credit or blame for any reactions, good-bad-or indifferent, which they
may caused.
B'hashem hakodesh Y'shua haMeshiach,
Mistress Rachel Ravenlock, OP
Mistress Rachel Ravenlock, OP
(Thaya Shaeffer) thayas at
208/322-3444 before 9:30pm MST
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