ANST - Trying to reach Richard Fairborn at No. Reg. Tribute

Nolen Dale fairborn at
Tue Dec 28 22:07:31 PST 1999

If anyone is home for the evening from this event and is reading their email, would you please forward a message to Richard who does not have his phone with him.  

Richard, one of the children of the couple that is traveling with you guys(from San Antonio) has called and needs to talk to her mother.  She called here trying to reach her...  I asked if it were an emergency and she said no, but 11:30 at night is really late to "need to talk to my mom"...If anyone can forward, I would really appreciate it.  That does not mean jump in you car and drive to find him...Just to pass this along.  As I said, the daughter said it was not an emergency...
Master Richard Fairbourne
Seneschal for the Kingdom of Ansteorra
"Communication is the key"
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