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Cahira cahira_of_bonwicke at
Sun Dec 3 16:00:20 PST 2000

Greetings all,

I was asked to secure a block of rooms in Ennis for
Coronation, and this is what I have been able to

Quality Inn

Out of my original block of 50 rooms, there are 36
left of these types (accurate as of 6pm

4 Smoking rooms w/ 2 queen size beds
13 Non-smoking rooms w/ 1 king size bed
5 Smoking rooms w/ 1 king size bed
8 Non-smoking rooms w/ 1 queen size bed
6 Smoking rooms w/ 1 queen size bed.

Each room is $49+tax per night for 2 adults. For each
additional adult, it will go up another $5 (still a
good price). The hotel is in a good location (about a
mile from Sokol Hall and just off I-45) It has a
continental breakfast, a hot tub, and a cocktail
lounge. All you need to do is call and tell them that
you are with the SCA, and they will give you the
special rate. If you have any problems, ask for Bryan.
He's the manager, and he has been extremely helpful.
This block will be available until rooms run out or
until January 1st. After that, the rooms will be "1st
come, 1st serve" only and you won't get the special

If I have left out any important information, email me
and ask me. I probably know it and just forgot to
include it in this post.

Cahira of Bonwicke

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