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Sun Dec 3 17:42:37 PST 2000

For those who wish to know, the victor in a well-fought competition was His
Grace Count Sir Valens of Flatrock, for the honour of Mistress Comyn
Hrothwyn af Guilden Acumen (called Shadow).  His Grace bested Sir Erich
Hlodowechssun, fighting by inspiration of Mistress Elasait Ingen Diarmata,
former Kingdom seneschal and chamberlain to their current Majesties.  Sir
Erich is notable for fighting in every Crown Tournament in Calontir, and
several of the Princeps and Warlord tournaments before that.

Tourney was held in the Shire-March of Grimfells, a lovely little place.
Site was spacious and warm; food was more than plentiful; dancing broke out
afterwards; and the post-revel was more fun that the area was probably zoned
to hold.  I commend Grimfells and its hospitality to any willing to make the

                                                ---= Morgan

"All through my town in Vermont on autumn days the smoke seeped through the
chinks in the windows. Out of the cool sweet air it settled on the laundry
hanging to dry; it lined your nostrils. The chill of September and October
was always warmed by the smell of burning leaves, the fragrance that went
along with apple picking, early darkness, stacking wood."
                 -- from Jane Hamilton's new novel, "Disobedience"

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