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Patrick Cuccurello pat at
Mon Dec 11 13:41:48 PST 2000

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Barony of Stargate on a
wonderful event this past weekend.  My apprentice and I were very weary from
our travels from the lands north of you, yet the warmth and help we received
enlivened us for the remainder of the day.

To Their Excellencies Godwin and Elissena.  The beauty of your court was
exquisite to see and experience.  I find myself richer for being there to
see the return of that which was lost, and
the telling and the making of the Pearls of Great Price.  It is rare to come
across something that still moves this old jaded heart, but those two
moments brought mists to even these eyes.

To those who missed the Arts and graciousness of Stargate this past weekend,
I am sorry.  Hopefully next year more of us will be able to visit our
neighbors and display our Arts and our hearts in their fair Barony.

I am but a poor nomad, and those monies I receive I usually spend on
frivolities and wine.  So it is, that many times the only payment I can make
is with my words.  To that end, I penned this poem as payment to my hosts
this past weekend.  May it act as a small token for the memories you have
given me.

A Traveler's Journey

They travell'd far, the Old and the New,
>From verdant fields North to Southern lands shine.
Standing at dawn in the rich morning dew,
Near the gates of the celestial sign.

Labored they did on the Arts they would show,
Lifting great parcels of wood food and glass.
And then to their aid came gentles aglow,
With pride in their step, Chivalric surpass.

Nobles stood proud by luminaries light,
Telling great lore of Baronies device.
There they called to them bright gentles forthright,
Naming them always as Pearls of Great Price.

And the Prince did rise, and from his raised hand,
The ancient star restored, to it's fair land.

     penned this 11th day of December in the year 2000
     by the common reckoning of men.
       Temur Modun
         known to those in the Western tongue as
         Maestro Petruccio Alfonso Maria Cuccieri de Cataluna

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