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Tue Dec 12 07:07:53 PST 2000

Unto the Gentle populous of Ansteorra doth Lady Isabel FitzHugh, 12th Night
Event Steward send greetings,

Just a reminder that 12th Night will be here before you know it, a little
over 3 weeks away.  For the those who are interested in a schedule of
events, please see below.  Remember, some times may be subject to change due
to Thier Royal Majesties pleasure.

10:00  Site opens
10:30  Kingdom Eisteffod begins
11:00  Seneschal class
11:00  Laural Circle (or at TRM pleasure)
11:30  estimated start of MOC
1:00   Gate closes, unpaid feast reservations are lost
1:00   estimated close of MOC
1:30   Feast reservation lottery
2:00   estimated start of MOC
3:30   estimated end of MOC for the day
4:00   estimated end of Eisteffod
6:00   Feast begins (or at TRM pleasure)
8:00   Court begins (or at TRM pleasure)
11:00  Site closes

Throughout the day there will be an Ask a Laurel table, Heraldic Consulting
table, and a Laurel Silent Auction.

During feast there will be assorted dance truope to perform for your
enjoyment.  Time and space depending there may be dancing after court.

Lady Isabel FitzHugh
Deputy Kingdom Calendar
Hospitiler for the Barony of the Steppes
Protegee to Duchess Larissa
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