ANST - Size of regions

Fri May 5 11:00:25 PDT 2000

Before Graywood was moved to Coastal, I had already 
come to the conclusion that I could drive to the Gulf 
War site in Mississippi quicker than I could drive to 
La Marche Sauvage. :)

Quoting Michael Tucker <michaelt at>:

> Hi, folks:
> This is not a complaint, or even a call to action. 
Just a bit of trivia I
> thought I'd share with y'all 'cause I thought it was 
> I've created a map of the Coastal Region using 
MapQuest and saved it to my
> PC as
> wallpaper. Yeah, what can I say... one sick puppy. 
But it's handy to have
> right
> there where I can see it all the time. :-)
> Anyway, in the process of doing this I wondered how 
far it was from one end
> of
> the region to the other. The answer tickled my 
memory, so I compared it to
> another bit of trivia I had stashed away, and sure 
enough: it's about the
> same
> distance from McAllen, TX to Nacogdoches, TX (502.5 
miles) as it is from
> San
> Diego, CA to San Francisco, CA (508.9 miles). 
[Distances per
> I don't think that's a Bad Thing (tm), I just find it 
interesting and kind
> of
> cool. Especially since this is just one of 5 regions 
in the Kingdom, and
> Ansteorra is about in the middle when compared to the 
size of other
> Kingdoms. It
> sort of puts things in perspective when folks 
complain about how far it is
> to
> events. Just think: this could be the Midrealm! :-)
> Yours,
> Michael Silverhands
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