ANST-Announce - Archer's Flight at Springfaire

Bob Dewart gilli at
Sat May 6 20:28:06 PDT 2000

Greetings and Hi There,

At the archery field, about lunch time on the 13th of May at Elfsea's
Springfaire, the archers will sponsor an Archer's Flight.  An "Archer's
Flight" is a pot luck luncheon for archers and anyone who is interested in
archery.  Darcy  and I will bring sausages, cheese, crackers,  and chilled
chocolate pudding and a large container of ice tea.  Of course, anyone is
welcome to bring a dish to share also.  That's why it's a pot luck sponsored
by the archers.  If  you do plan to bring a dish to share, please let me
know so I'll have enough table space there.



HL Gilbert Ost Westley
Archery Marshal at Large

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