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Mon May 8 10:07:08 PDT 2000

Isabeau wrote:
>  For anybody who lives down this way: on Thursday May 11th or  Friday
> May 12 I'm  going to be teaching a friend  the basics of machine sewing.
> I'm also going to show her the basics of embroidery. Is there anyone
> who's relatively new to the SCA in this area who'd like to come and
> learn as well? I currently live in Houston between Fairbanks-North
> Houston Rd and Beltway 8. Call me by Monday the May the 8th at
> 713-983-0137 and ask for Rachel/Isabeau. I'm not a Laurel or anything
> but I'm willing to share what I know.

These files in the TEXTILE ARTS section of the Florilegium might also
be of interest, to both new and more experienced seamstresses:
clothng-forms-msg (19K)  4/20/99    Commercial and homemade clothing
CMA-sew-supl-msg   (9K) 12/ 7/99    Sources for modern sewing supplies.
sergers-msg       (20K)  7/21/98    Use of sergers in the SCA.
sewing-msg        (78K)  1/20/00    Sewing ideas and stitches.
sewing-tables-msg  (7K)  3/30/00    Ideas and comments on sewing tables.
sewing-tools-msg  (43K) 11/17/99    Medieval sewing tools, needles,
sewng-machnes-msg (16K) 11/22/99    Comments on sewing machines for SCA

And for embroidery:
embroidery-msg    (93K)  8/28/98    Period and SCA embroidery.
emb-blackwork-msg (56K)  7/21/99    Blackwork embroidery. 
emb-frames-msg     (9K) 10/16/96    Period and SCA embroidery frames.
emb-linen-msg     (15K) 12/ 2/97    Embroidery linen sources.

The Florilegium is on the web at:

Thank you Isabeau for helping others learn this useful craft.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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