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We would like to thank everyone who attended Brad Leah's Conquest of the New 
World.  Vivat to the Northern Region, there was a representative from every 
northern group in attendance. The fighting was glorious and we had a 
spectacular Arts and Science display.  We are proud to announce the winners.
        Heavy Defender: Centurion Krag MacIntire
        Heavy Melee Team: Tie, the teams of Queen Elizabeth and Queen 
        Light Defender: Cadet Peter Rauche
        Light Melee Teams: Queen Elizabeth
        Bard of Brad Leah: Lady Celeste de Montmorecy
        Arts and Science Winner: Lady Kate de la Heyt
        Mundane to Medieval: Phil the Carpenter
        Scholar of Brad Leah: Cadet Peter Rauche
        The Overall Wining Queen was Queen Elizabeth
    We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our 3 queens: Duchess 
Willow de Wisp, (Queen Isabel), Baroness Eleanor de Broke (Queen Elizabeth) 
and Baroness Michelle de Chantal (Catherine de Medici).  Vivat to your brave 
troops who fought with honor and chivalry.
    We are sorry if anyone was forgotten or names where misspelled.
    We would like to extend our thanks to the populus of the Shire of Brad 
Leah for making this a truly wonderful moment of the Dream.  Vivat to you and 
Vivat Ansteorra.

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