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Tue May 9 10:50:16 PDT 2000

Lord Lawrence D. wrote:

> Construction time for a suit is usually about 20 hours.  A typical teenager
> uses a barrel and a half for an entire suit of armor (we don't use 4" from
> the end of the barrels as the plastic is too thick there).  To clean a
> barrel with acid in it, use a base, like baking soda and water.  We rinse
> the barrels three times with baking soda before working on them.  Our
> barrels cost us $10 each.
> Hope this helps, HL Isabol, and anyone else interested in getting their
> children in armor.

Those making plastic armor for themselves or their children might also
some of the info in this file in the COMBAT section of my Florilegium to
be of use:
armor-plastic-msg (63K) 10/17/96    Making plastic armor.

The florilegium is on the web at:

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