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Perronnelle mentioned:
> Emery, John; European Spoons before 1700; Edinburgh, John Donald
> Publishers Ltd, 1976; ISBN 0 85976 012 X
> This book also contains references to early forks.  LOTS of pictures.
> At the time of writing the book, the author had been collecting,
> studying, and making spoons for 30 years.  He gives many comments from a
> maker's perspective (ie, a spoon is claimed to not be serviceable for
> eating but the author has been using a replica for quite some time with
> no problems).

Thank you for the referance and the wonderful review.

For some other referances to period eating utensils, folks might also
be interested in these files in the FOOD section of the Florilegium:
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iron pots.

The Florilegium is at:

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