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Thu May 11 09:19:54 PDT 2000

Maili Donnel McGregor wrote: 
> How wonderful to get this glimpse into the past. I would love to sit and
> listen to stories told around the fire pit sometime. I would also encourage
> someone to write it down for history.

Yes, it is wonderful. I have often tried to save some of these
of the past in the Florilegium. While hearing these stories told around
the campfire can be so much better, you might still enjoy checking
out these files in the SCA-STORIES section of my Florilegium:
Anst-hist-msg    (128K)  9/22/98    Histories of the Kingdom of
Anst-sword-msg    (25K)  2/17/99    Histories of the Ansteorran Sword of

The Florilegium can be found at:

Lord Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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