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Sun May 14 06:09:31 PDT 2000

"Connie Carroll" <Connie.Bunny at> wrote:

>Gunnora's time is quite taken up right now as her mother is extremely
>ill.And I'm sure Damaris is busy taking care of both of them.Be patience
>they will get back to you.

Thanks Bunny.  We are still in Ft. Worth as I type but I'm going home later today.  I've answered Katina privately.

For those who maybe interested, Gunnora's mother died Tuesday, May 9th.  I know she would appreciated being in your thoughts and prayers.  Before you flood her inbox with sympathy emails please understand that this has been and continues to be very hard for her.  If she responds in an expected manner it isn't personal.  

She will be in Ft. Worth the rest of this week and not accessible to her regular email.  If you have any words of sympathy, send them to me and I will forward them to her.


(a little bit sad for my lady)

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