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I received this of the Viking Times list and thought some of you might
be interested in seeing it.

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        men in kilts/devils in skirts
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Viking Times -

Vikings wearing kilts is an interesting concept, unfortunately kilts
not made until the 1700's.
During the Viking years Scottish Highlanders wore the 'feileadh-mor'
wrap), woven from wool and usually a dull yellow-ochre colour rather
patterned. They were almost ready to wear when they came off the loom -
ft. (1.5 metres) wide, 15 feet (4.5 metres) long.

By the end of the 16th century the feileadh-mor had evolved into the
plaid', and with the introduction of new dyes tartans had become more
popular. The first kilts were basically the bottom half of the belted
and modern kilts (not to mention most tartans) were developed by English
Scottish tailors during Queen Victoria's days.

I don't like to disappoint a lady, so I have attached a small picture of

some men in kilts. Don't laugh too loudly - they are soldiers in the
Watch, and I wear the kilt myself sometimes.

Lang may your lum reek,

Stephen Orme.

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