ANST - A Gathering to Honor Baron Felix of SeaWinds

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Sun May 14 18:41:41 PDT 2000

Greetings unto all our friends from the Shire of Seawinds and Lady Viviana,  

     The purpose of this missive is to give reason and meaning for our 
gathering honoring our friend and Baron, Felix of Seawinds.

     Some of you may not know that Felix has fallen very ill with terminal 
cancer.  We his shire would like to honor him while he is still with us, and 
we would like to invite those who know him, and are dear to him, to join us.  

     If you are interested in attending the gathering, please let me know for 
the attendance is limited to about 100 people.  Following is some information 
you might want to consider if you plan join us.  

Date:  Saturday, June 3, 2000.  

Place:  Catharine of Seawinds has offered her private home. 
Directions:  South on Staples to Buckingham Estates
(Entrance looks like a castle!)  Check in at the guard gate.
Please tell them you are with the SCA and you will be granted entrance.  Once 
in the neighborhood the address is: 7014 Brandon (See Map). 

Take I-37 into Corpus Christi, Follow I-37 and take the Naval Air 
Station/South Padre Island Drive split.  Exit right off of South Padre Island 
Drive on to Staples St.  Follow Staples until you come to Buckingham Estates 
on your right.  

Time:  Gathering will begin at 11:00 AM and end at 5 PM.  The gathering is 
casual and people are welcome to come and go within these hours.  If you 
would like to continue in each other's company or continue in heavy or light 
fighting, we will accommodate you by holding a fighter practice after 5:00 
PM.  The place for the fighter practice is to be announced at a later date.  

What to bring:  
Food:  If you can, please bring a covered dish of some kind, meat will be 
provided.  Breads, cheeses, salads, fruit, dips, vegetables, deserts, or side 
dishes would be appreciated.  You are encouraged to bring such dishes in 
disposable containers to make clean up and travel easier.  For the same 
reason, paper and plastic feast gear will be provided for guest.

Drinks:  Please bring your favorite drinks, and BYOB is acceptable.  

Furniture:  Tables, chairs, and pavilions are limited, so if you have any one 
of these and are willing to bring them, the gesture would be greatly 

A&S:  There will be a air-conditioned room provided for those who wish to 
share their knowledge.  Many of us in Seawinds are hungry for what others can 
teach us in the arts and sciences.  

Fighting:  Fighting is of great interest to Baron Felix, so if anyone would 
like to participate in light or heavy, it is welcome.  We are hoping he would 
feel well enough to watch a few bouts. There is some shade, but please bring 
containers of water if you intend to fight, for the day will surely be hot.   

Garb: Yes.  The day will be hot, so dress accordingly.  

Places to lay your head at night:  Space is limited, so if you would like to 
stay over night, please give me time to find a spot for you.  If you already 
know people in our shire, it might be a good thought to personally take 
advantage of that friendship and secure a place for head to rest Saturday 

To contact me or RSVP:
Lady. Viviana O'Dougherty
(Cindy Daughtrey)
Preferablly:  email - Viviana2222 at
926 Clare Dr.
Corpus Christi, Tx  78412
(361) 992-2614

You may also contact:
Lady Anna Klann
(Rada Radebaugh)
(361) 855-3865
3126 Sylvan Crest
Corpus Christi, Tx 78415

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