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<<  .... unfortunately kilts were not made until the 1700's.
 this is one the scadian mis-information that just won't die.  it's
 become a entrenched urban myth and pops up time and time again ...
 find a Rialto archive and research this particular thread for
 specific literary, historical and archaeological references that
 proves this statement false.  
 i remember intense discussions on the matter in the '85-87 and a
 lesser one i the mid-90's time frame .... so no need to recreate yet
 another broken wheel here when it can be looked up in the archives. 
 may i direct your researches on the *early* etymology of the term
 "kilt". >>

Uh-huh.....yeah. Hey, look! A really informative site to get folks started on 
their own research! It may even get them looking at a wide variety of 
sources! Neato!
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