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> 'wolf argued that "kilts" were worn before 1700.  

wolf "stated".  this subject is such a silly one that it's not worth
a decent arguement

> .... It really all depends upon how you define the term.  The
> modern kilt, no.  The concept  of clan tartan, no.  The wrapped
> "great plaid," yes.

it being one of the simplest (and early) garmente well suited for
cool-temperate climates ... simply a large piece of woven cloth,
folded, pleated, arrainged, belted, pin'd ... that could be
re-arrainged in any number of usefull ways dependent upon the need of
the moment.  the "chamelion" (a cool modern garment) of it's age ...
in early times cloth in such a large amount would have been a dear
and expensive thing, so wearing such a great kilt would be the mark
of wealth and prestiege in the community and would have been most
common among the warrior elite.  

and notice the close phonetic semblence between "celt" and "kilt" -
especially with older, non anglish spellings.  


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