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Morgan Cain wrote: 
> 'wolf argued that "kilts" were worn before 1700.  It really all depends upon
> how you define the term.  The modern kilt, no.  The concept of clan tartan,
> no.  The wrapped "great plaid," yes.
>                                     ---= Morgan (oversummarizing)

This is bascially my understanding of the situation also.

A bunch of the messages from the Rialto and elsewhere that Wolf mentions
can be found in this file in the CLOTHING section of my Florilegium:
cl-Scotland-msg  (125K)  5/21/99    Clothing of Scotland. folding of

These two files might also be of interest:
cl-Scot-fem-art   (14K)  7/ 2/96    Scottish women's clothing.
cl-Scot-male-art  (18K)  6/20/96    Scottish men's clothing.

The Florilegium is at:

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