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Wed May 17 06:43:31 PDT 2000

Greetings from the Incipient Canton of Glaslyn.

The Incipient Canton of Glaslyn will be hosting a fighting mini-tournament on Sunday, May 21 at 2:00 p.m with Armor Inspection beginning at 1:00 p.m.  The place will be Southlakes Park in Denton.  There will be both a heavy and light list.

The heavy list will be run as follows:

All fighters will have their names placed on playing cards.  There will be a card game played to determine who will fight in a given round.  After all of the cards have been played (i.e., all of the fighters have fought), the cards will be shuffled and the tournament will begin again.

Members of the populace will be given glass beads.  The populace can vote more than once and will vote one what ever they feel is deserving of a "vote" (i.e. best death, most chivalrous act, etc.).  The fighter who holds the most beads will be declared the winner of the tournament.  The prize will be a steal mace donated by Lord Llew Mailin.

The light list will be a bearpit type tournament.  The prize is a buckler made by Lady Ceinwen ferch Rhuel and Lord David de la Roke

The site is held at a city park and has the following: restrooms, a lake, a running/jogging trail and lots of room to roam about, picnic tables and covered pavilions.  For the children, there is also a large castle on which to play.  Inside the castle there are swings, slides, rings, tic-tac-toe boards, mazes, look out towers, suspension bridges, and other fun-filled activities.  Please remember to bring your own water.  Just a note, alcohol is not permitted at the City parks.

For directions to the tournament take your best route to I-35 North to Denton.  Once in Denton, take the Teasley Lane exit and go South on Teasley.  Follow Teasley to Hobson.  Turn right on Hobson.  Go about ¼ of a mile.  Southlakes Park will be on the right.  The tournament will take place next to the castle.  Directions can also be found on our website:

We welcome all fighters and non-fighters alike to come and enjoy the tournament.

Yours in Service,
Lady Lavina del Bakhous
Acting Minister of Arts and Sciences,
Canton of Glaslyn
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