ANST - (OT-sorta) Out of Pocket

Jennene Stanley mooharpist at
Wed May 17 21:52:48 PDT 2000


I wanted to drop you all a line to let you know that I will be out of pocket
for the next week. I thought that the lists will be the best way to cover
everybody, so please excuse the use of bandwidth. My best friend is getting
married and I am the matron of honor. The wedding is in Hilton Head,  South
Carolina and I *have* to go and lounge on the beach and get a not-so-period
tan. :)

I will have e-mail access but since I will be limited to a phone modem my
replies will be slow and scarce. My Elizabethan Costuming website will
remain operational. As I will have limited administrative abilities please
e-mail me if there are any problems.  I am really bummed about missing
Beltaine but a huge vivat and hugs go to Meleah and Ulf.

Love and kisses,

Anya a.k.a.
Jennene Stanley
"Chase the light I see ahead. Luminate the path I tread.
 I live to be the best I can"                       - Queensrÿche
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