ANST - Re: SR - pic are back from barbarian and La grand dispute

gptaylor gtaylor at
Wed May 17 07:40:04 PDT 2000

Armand Dragonnetti, of Elfsea, has been keeping a nice digital photo
album off of the Elfsea web site.  It's become something of the
unofficial kingdom album...folks from everywhere end up providing


Carey Mc wrote:

>              To the Kingdom and the Populous of Ansteorra, Greeting. I
> recently purchased a digital camera and I have found out how to unload
> the pictures of the last two events:           Le Grant Disputer
> (which includes the queen getting a blessing after the leper has close
> to her and the bathing of the leper) and pictures from the
> Barbarian Rougefest  a college station event  (where I got my poison
> oak, laid me up for 2 weeks).          Now to the question, is there a
> place I can upload the pictures. Can someone help me?? Key Connor,
> Bryn Gwlad replies to >>  Carey at unseen workers
> all on little projects of their own...
> all around the barony

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