ANST - Thanks for Conquest

jonwillowpel at jonwillowpel at
Wed May 17 13:11:03 PDT 2000

I ask your forgiveness for being so late. I would also like to thank
everyone who put on the Conquest. Brad Leah hospitality and kindness were
wonderful and I was proud and honored by the noble people who supported
the Great cause of Spain. It was special for me to play Isabelle because
she is one of the nine heroines . Learning about her and her cause 
expanded my knowledge of the middle ages. I hope others learned too. The
use of theme events to expand our knowledge and understanding of a
particular culture and time is one of the basis purposes of the SCA. I
especially like it when I have so much fun. I would thank all the people
who took part one more time. I had a wonderful time and remembered why I
love the SCA.
Willow de Wisp
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