ANST - Count Gunthar's knee

Michael F. Gunter michael.gunter at
Tue May 30 09:41:59 PDT 2000


Although this should actually be a private matter, so many of you
have cajoled, mothered, nagged and pushed me to this that I felt
it would be easier sending it through the list.

Sigh, I've finally made an appointment with a real live orthopedic
surgeon to look at my knee. Although I tried to be macho and ignore
it like a real man I realized that I can't fight very well just standing

in one place. So I'll have it really looked at and in a few months I'll
be bashing heads in my old beloved manner.

Speaking of gory red mess. Although I've had lots of offers for
I still need donations of time, money and equipment for the Pennsic
Party this August. The Kingdom Treasurer has notified me that a fund has

been set up for donations.  Trust me, you'll be hearing more about this
the time grows closer.

My thanks so far to HL Gilli, Sir Wilhelm, Mistress Meadhbh, and many
others who immediately jumped in with offers of assistance. I'm the
first to
admit that I can't do this alone and I don't even want to try.

Hoping to be breaking heads again real soon.


Gunthar the Gimp

(The first person to make a Pulp Fiction reference dies.)

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