ANST - pavilion flying and other summer sports

amberd at amberd at
Tue May 30 11:46:48 PDT 2000

It was however, slightly entertaining that after they had taken down the 
spinning winds pavilian at the list field they left a very nice spinning winds 
sign up and several tent stakes in the ground.


On Tue May 30 13:32:03 2000, ansteorra at wrote:

> Trish Kvamme (ladyoftherose at said something that sounded like:
> > After the WeatherLord storm this weekend, all of the tents she has made on 
> > site were still standing, and everything inside the ones in my camp were 
> > dry.
> In general the list field was quite entertaining. The pavilions with
> aluminum frames fly quite nicely, apparently even over my own head when
> I wasn't looking. Many of the pavilions were dropped to the ground before
> they were damaged, but others were not unfortunately.
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