ANST - Re: finding the dream

A. Bernard ldygryffyn at
Wed May 31 21:58:30 PDT 2000

M'lady Gehenne M'Kiernan,
       Please accept this advice with all the sorrow I feel at your pain. 
The Society is composed of human beings and part of it is we all bring our 
own agendas into what we contribute. Unfortunately some refuse to leave 
political games where they belong which in my opinion is outside the 
Society. I seriously doubt that anyone who has played in the SCA for any 
time has not been caught up in others, frequently hurtful, games. My lord 
and I ceased playing for the better part of 3 years in the shire where we 
previously lived due to such games and agendas by certain persons.
      I truly grieve for your pain yet I have this to give...Not all are 
like the person who, intentionally or not, hurt you. Some do strive
with all they are to hold up the ideals we all espouse. Seek out these 
people and they will return your respect, honesty, and honor a thousand 
             Holding fast to the light of the Dream,
                  Lady Rhiannon
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