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> Finally a member of Royal blood responds to my claims. I am so glad to
> that you are better and able to put cohesive thoughts to paper after your
> last bout of madness.
> Charles VI wrote:
>> It is out of courtesy, not necessity, that I answer the ravings of this
>> deranged Englishman.
> You have no choice, but to respond, because I speak the truth!
>>  Courtesy in the form of fair warning, in your own
>> tongue, to those suffering the same dementia as this obscure English
>> dreamer.
> My dear Charles you are one to talk about dementia! I understand you have
> fear of houses falling on you, you have attacked your own retainers with
> cause, and you believe that your legs are as fragile as glass.

I do not remember giving you leave to address me so familar?!? It is not
*fear*, my poor man. In fact, it was less than 6 weeks prior that I narrowly
escaped some deteriorating architecture at Notre Dame de Liesse. While the
structure remains intact, I was surely fortunate to emerge from there
unharmed. No doubt the continued blessings from the Lord to whom I was
giving thanks for dispatching those traitors to whom you refer as retainers.
Any true soveriegn must be on his guard against the inevitable, jealousies
of the would-be usurpers and profiteers, but I believe your words belie you
as on of these very same and thus I shall speak of them no more. I have
little doubt that *your* legs are as common as any commoner's, yet again
proving your claims to my throne to be concocted from the depths of a
tormented mind suffering delusions of grandeur.

> The English believe in the strength of the truth and the truth shall lead
> to the throne in France.

Where I trust you shall bow before me in utmost piety, begging forgiveness
for your most grievous transgressions and insubordination.

Charles VI - "The Beloved"
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