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Dale, Richard N DaleRN at
Thu Nov 2 12:36:52 PST 2000

Finally a member of Royal blood responds to my claims. I am so glad to hear
that you are better and able to put cohesive thoughts to paper after your
last bout of madness.

Charles VI wrote:
It is out of courtesy, not necessity, that I answer the ravings of this most
deranged Englishman.

You have no choice, but to respond, because I speak the truth!

 Courtesy in the form of fair warning, in your own
tongue, to those suffering the same dementia as this obscure English

My dear Charles you are one to talk about dementia! I understand you have a
fear of houses falling on you, you have attacked your own retainers with out
cause, and you believe that your legs are as fragile as glass.

My noble marshal is presently gathering the most formidable and, as
you may soon discover, invincible force to stand ready to retaliate upon any
defilement of my beloved French soil. 

I have seen what Welsh bows can do to a supposed invincible French force!

If this delusional Englishman be not
swayed from his most doomed endeavor, then alas, the fields will flow red
with the blood of those poor, misguided English soul's who choose to follow
such folly.

The English believe in the strength of the truth and the truth shall lead me
to the throne in France.

  I implore all who would give ear to this English upstart's
dementia, "Do not throw away your life for the ravings of a lunatic. Cease
your senseless aggression, as God most assuredly grants favor to those who
justly defend France and shall visit His wrath on her enemies". Return ye
then to the safety of your homes and be comforted in the knowledge that your
children shall not be orphaned and in having heard the reasonable voice of
France's true Sovereign, Charles VI, who has nothing but sincere compassion
for your plight.

King Charles VI

Let it be know that any who would support Charles VI, are enemies of mine
and the true enemies of France. After all, any king who would hide behind a
lie to justify his lineage does not need to be king of any country.

Edward III

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