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>    Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 17:15:58 -0000
>    From: edenblacksmith at
> Subject: The Youth of the Known World need your help.
> Below is the most current schedule for the Youth Collegium For
> Estrella War.  To those who have stepped forward thank you. However,
> we still need classes for Saturday and Sunday. Contact me at
> edenblacksmith at  Also Lady Sorcha ni Dhonnghaile at
> wren at or by telephone (480) 844-3882 before 9:00
> PM still needs volunteers at Children's Corner.
> Thank you for donating your time for children.
> Eden
> Thursday
> 9:00                  BARDS & PERFORMING Master Sylvanus
> 9:30                  FINDING A MEDIAEVAL CRAFT FOR YOU  Master
> Sylvanus
> 10:00-11:00      BEGINNING BELLYDANCE  Lady Asmarani
> 11:00-12:00      MAKING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS  M'lady Ravenweed
> 12:00                KOOL-AID DYEING    Lady Diana
> 12:30                KOOL-AID DYEING Lady Diana
> 1:00-2:00         INKLE LOOM Lady Meadhbh
> 2:00-3:00         SONGS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Lady Ivory
> **********************************
> Friday
> 9:00-10:00 SINGING: SCA SONGS AND FILK SONGS  Lady Constantina & Lady
> Galena
> 10:00        FINGERWEAVING   M'lady Chamene
> 10:30-11:00  EASY AND FUN WAYS TO SPEAK FORSOOTHLY  Lady Constantina
> & Lady Galena
> 11:00-12:00  FRENCH SENNET FLAT BRAID  Lady A'isha
> 12:00     VIKING BEADMAKING Lady Juliettede & Lady Morta
> 12:30     VIKING BEADMAKING Lady Juliettede & Lady Morta
> 1:00-2:00 BEGINNING EMBROIDERY Lady Katerina
> 2:00-3:00 SONG WRITING Lady Ivory
> *****************************************************
> Saturday
> 9:00     BRANSLES (FRENCH DANCE) Maestro Niccolo
> 9:30     BRANSLES (FRENCH DANCE) Maestro Niccolo
> 10:00-11:00 SIMPLE EMBROIDERY M'lady Ravenweed
> 11:00
> 11:30
> 12:00
> 12:30
> 1:00    BEGINNING CALLIGRAPHY M'lady Lassarina
> 1:30     BEGINNING CALLIGRAPHY M'lady Lassarina
> 2:00-3:00  PERFORMING Lady Ivory
> *********************************************************
> Sunday
> 9-10 BRANSLES (ENGLISH DANCE) Maestro Niccolo
> 10-10:30 BLACKWORK   M'lady Chamene
> No OTHER classes scheduled yet.
> Please share this information:
> Greetings,
> I, Lady Eden Blacksmith, am the Youth Collegiuem Autocrate for
> Estrella War XVII.
> The Youth of the Known World need your help.
> At Estrella War XVII we would like you to please donate 30 min of
> your time to our/ your children.
> The two age groups are: The Children's Corner, for children age 4-9,
> and a Youth Center, for those age 10-16.
> For the Youth Center for those ages 10-16...classes are needed,
> performances are needed, storytellers are needed, SCA 101 is needed,
> demo's are needed.........
> We have 48 slots to fill
> So please will you donate 30 min for the Youth of the Known World
> Teachers can be all ages
> SPECIAL BONUS: For only 30 min more you too can volunteer at the
> Children's Corner, for children ages 4-9.  Please contact: Lady
> Sorcha ni Dhonnghaile, Estrella War Children''s Steward
> Kingdom of Atenveldt, via e-mail atwren at or by
> telephone (480) 844-3882 before 9:00 PM.
> She needs volunteers to oversee (read: please do not let them eat the
> crayons) the children. Also if you would like to teach a class,
> entertain, conduct a hands on project that would be even better.
> Thank you
> Eden
> Lady Eden Blacksmith
> Sonja Boroughf
> 1730 Gates Ave.
> Kingman, AZ 86401
> 520-753-8064
> edenblacksmith at
> Children's Activities at Estrella War XVII
> Once again this year's Estrella War is proud to sponsor supervised
> children''s activities for those age four and up who attend the war!
> We
> will have two areas set-up for our programs: The Children''s Corner,
> for
> children age 4-9, and a Youth Center, for those age 10-16, will be a
> great place to make friends! We will host many interesting and
> informative things to do, so don''t miss out on all the fun!
> The Estrella War Children''s Center, located near the wooden tower, is
> intended to provide a place where kids of all ages can have an
> enjoyable
> time at war and be safe while doing so. Our normal hours of operation
> will be 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM Thursday - Sunday, February 15-18, 2001. The
> outdoor area of the Youth Center will be open for teens only, from
> 8:00
> PM-12:00 AM, more information below. We will have two pavilions set
> up,
> one for each age group, and appropriate activities planned for them.
> The younger children will be able to play games, make arts and crafts,
> listen to stories, and enjoy outdoor activities. The older ones will
> attend hands on classes in the Youth Collegium, as well as participate
> in fighting tournaments, arts and sciences activities, and other
> entertainments. Each group can participate in special activities like
> scavenger hunts, parades, field trips and other fun outings as they
> are
> identified.
> Since there are no other playgrounds at the War site, we encourage
> parents to bring their children to our area so they remain safe and
> supervised as much as possible. Activities will be at the discretion
> of
> the Children''s Steward, Lady Sorcha, and will be contingent upon the
> number present, ages and interests, as well as donations and resources
> on hand. As always, adult attention and support is encouraged. Please
> be sure to make appropriate arrangements for them, no matter what your
> plans are at the war!
> Rules & Regulations
> At the Children''s Corner you are welcome to bring your 4-9 year old
> child for a maximum duration of two hours each day, unless other
> arrangements have been made in advance, and suggest that parents make
> a
> donation of supplies or contribute volunteer hours to the Children''s
> Corner. (We remind parents that the Children''s Corner is NOT
> ababysitting service and is provided as a courtesy to event
> participants,
> your support will help us make their stay at this years Estrella War
> something special.) Children must be signed in/out by a parent,
> guardian, or other responsible adult. They must also be potty trained,
> able to dress themselves, and be able to eat regular food. Finally, we
> ask that they do not bring personal articles with them while in our
> care.
> Your 10-16 year olds are welcome to attend the Youth Center and come
> and
> go as they please during our normal hours of operation. All we ask is
> that they carry a copy of the SCA Minor Waiver, or keep one on file
> with
> us. Those who attend are welcome to bring games, snacks, and
> activities
> to share with others. Youth fighers, we will have fighting scenarios
> so
> remember to bring armor, weapons, and ID.
> Additionally, the outdoor area of the Youth Center will be open from
> 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM as a safe place for TEENS, 13 - 17, to hang out at
> night Thursday - Sunday. We''ll supply the fire pit, chairs, and an
> ice
> chest, but ask participants to bring their own wood, snacks, ice,
> and/or
> soft drinks. Security will make regular patrols to monitor activity,
> however, as long as everyone is well behaved, there will be no adult
> staff at the Youth Center in the evening. (Beware, the Children''s
> Steward camps across the road from the center. . .)
> For both programs, meals are not included. However, we will provide
> nutritious snacks and drinks while we are open. Participants should be
> attired in simple garb and be properly identified with the official
> wrist bracelet for the war. The Children''s Activities Steward will
> not
> responsible for lost or stolen items. Finally, parents will be
> responsible for disciplining their children, unruly behavior will be
> cause for separation and your child could be returned to you if
> necessary. If your child has behavioral or medical conditions, please
> let an attendant know in advance.
> Donations and Volunteers
> For those who can contribute time and resources, volunteers and
> donations of materials are always appreciated. Our wish list of
> preferred donations includes, but is not limited to; complete simple
> board games, puzzles, blocks, coloring books, storybooks, outside
> playsets, jump ropes, bocce balls, badminton, as well as arts & craft
> supplies like paint, paper, glue, glitter, beads, clay, and crayons.
> We
> also need donations of nutritious food and drinks!
> Our volunteer needs encompass the following: Shift Workers, 6 shifts
> at
> two hours each, 2 people per shift per day. Special Activities
> Coordinators: for Youth Fighting Scenarios, Field Trips, Scavenger
> Hunts, Children''s Parade, etc.. Collegium Instructors: Please contact
> Lady Eden Blacksmith to schedule a class or two at:
> Edenblacksmith at
> I could really use your help! After the third year in a row, I would
> like this year to be my last as the Children''s Steward for Estrella
> War. If you are interested in becoming a deputy and/or taking over
> this
> responsibility please contact me as soon as possible. If necessary,
> I''ll remain on hand to assist you, but it''s time to find others who
> would like to try their hand at this very rewarding job!
> For more information, want to make suggestions, contribute donations,
> or
> have any comments, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at
> wren at or by telephone (480) 844-3882 before 9:00
> PM.
> In service to our youth, I am
> Lady Sorcha ni Dhonnghaile
> Estrella War Children''s Steward
> Kingdom of Atenveldt

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