ANST - Rhianna update

penningtonhall penningtonhall at
Sun Nov 5 20:30:52 PST 2000


Rhianna is doing much better.  She is currently in rehab at Our
Children's Hospice which is part of Baylor.  Physically she is doing
fine.  She does have some balance problems, and some memory problems
but its getting much better.  She is still weak on her left side.
There is a possibility that she may go home this week.  Beth will find
out more when she talks to the doctor tomorrow.

We spent most of yesterday with her.  She played Monopoly most of the
afternoon with my children, and then played Nintendo.

A message from Elanor (Beth).  THANK YOU, for all of your prayers,
phone calls, e-mails, cards, letters donations everything that you
have done.  You have made a big difference.  Words cannot truly
express how truly grateful we are for everything and everyone.

In Service

Ldy Mary Elizabeth

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