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Mon Nov 6 06:06:42 PST 2000

Greetings to All,  I have been waiting and waiting for my very own e-mail so that I can communicate with all you fine People.  As many of you already know, I am the Lady Sasha and I owe my life to this list.  Last March I was in a bad situation but was rescued by a very nice young lady, unfortunenately she was injured in a car wreck and I was left homeless.  I was taken to Dutchess Larrisa, but I gave her hives.  She put out a plea for a home for me on this very list, and Low and Behold, I got a wonderful home where I am the "only child".  Since then, I have had to learn to adapt to a variety of situations!  First there was that R.V. thing until we were all the way to Eastern Meridias where I had to live on a 10 acre parcel with a small private lake.  I have a friend that lives there who is a red Lab mix.  I only get to stay there part time tho, we actually "live" at "The Cafe".  Our Home is above the cafe.  We have a large yard, but I go for walks on the beach every mornin and night.  I LOVE the beach!  My new "Parents"  love takin me there,too. They say my black hair shows up really nice against the white sands.  I'm not sure about those waves yet and a HUGE YUCK on the salt water!  The Food here is pretty good and these folks actually LIKE me to get on the sofa with them,.. and really don't seem to mind me jumping on them at 5 a.m. to wake them up.  (After all, we Are a coffee shop).  I get regular baths and brushing, but I can live with that.  Thank You Dutchess Lorissa for putting my story on the list and finding my new family,..I'm sorry I made you have a rash...Lady Sasha Dog av Haus Morgan

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