ANST - Bordermarch Heroes

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Sun Nov 19 20:18:10 PST 2000

 Autumn Melees was a blast! We fought in the cold, we charged through the 
rain, we died in the mud. I saw such spirit in our heroic fighters this 
weekend as I'll never forget.
 The determination among all, not just the fighters, to stay & have fun 
together was impressive. At a point where lesser people may have given up, we 
were out in the rain, putting up more pavilions, singing songs and toasting 
our friends. I will remember this event and the camaraderie for a long time. 
Those who were there showed what it means to be Ansteorran, for we never give 
Thank you Bordermarch for another wonderful event.  I also thank Sir Kein for 
his hospitality & the excellent definition of an adventure.

Quintus Severus (called Wayland)
squire to Eques Titus
Decurion / Legio Australis
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